Roundover Bits

The roundover router bit is used to roundover the edge of wood applications resulting in a decorative profile cutting edge with a smooth finish. These tools are generally used for lettering and trimming wood.

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1580W: 3/8" radius (R), 3/4" (L) .001" (S) cut diameter (D), 1/2" shank (D1), 5/8" cut length (C), 2 1/4" overall length (L)
2051W: 3/16" radius (R), 5/8" (L), 1/4" (S) cut diameter (D), 1/4" shank (D1), 1/4" cut length (C), 1 3/4" overall length (L)
2056W: 1/4" radius (R), 3/4" (L) 1/4" (S) cut diameter (D), 1/2" shank (D1), 3/4" cut length (C), 2" overall length (L)
1982W: 1/4" radius (R), 5/8" (L) 1/4" (S) - No Plunge cut diameter (D), 1/4" shank (D1), 1/2" cut length (C), 2 1/8" overall length (L)
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