Technical Information / Downloads

These pages contain some technical information relating to the selection and use of cutters and collets in your CNC Router.

You can also download an electronic version of the CNCRoutershop catalogue and also a very useful Cutter Guide wallchart which contains suggested tooling and their feeds and speeds for cutting various materials.

The importance of the part played by cutters and their holding mechanism in a CNC Router is often overlooked with the result being reduced productivity and poor quality of parts produced on the router. In actual fact the cutter is one of the most important components and is the one which can make the most difference to the perfomance of the machine in terms of cut quality and productivity.

Of course, the machine settings, eg: feed rate, depth of cut, spindle rpm etc, also can have a major effect of the machine performance but if the wrong cutter is being used no amount of tweaking of the machine settings will ever achieve optimum performance.

Tooling catalogue Cutter Guide Wallchart
CNCRoutershop Catalogue
Cutter Guide Wallchart


tool geometry calculating feed rates
Tool Materials and
Calculating Feeds
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Tool and Collet
Troubleshooting Cutting