Blades for Oscillating Knife

These knife blades are designed to fit the AXYZ Oscillating knife tool. These versatile tools have the ability to cut a wide range of materials and also posses the dextrorotatory to cut small detail and curves. These knife blades are available in different sizes and geometries to handle various materials and thicknesses. 

These blades must be used in conjuction with the Oscillating Cutter Accessory.

Product Name Price Qty
B1051L-5: 5mm, 2 sided 60deg
B1051L-15: 15mm, 2 sided 69deg
B2031L-40: 40mm 30° Double Edge Flat Point
B2031L-65: 65mm 30° Double Edge Flat Point
B2031L-90: 90mm 30° Double Edge Flat Point
B1031L-10: 10mm, flat point blade
B1031L-15: 15mm, flat point blade
B1031L-20: 20mm, flat point blade
B1031L-30: 30mm flat point blade
B1031L-35: 35mm flat point blade
B1031L-40: 40mm flat point blade
B1031L-70: 70mm flat point blade
B1031L-90: 90mm flat point blade
B1031L-120: 120mm flat point blade
B1031L-110: 110mm, flat point blade
B1041L-6: 6mm, round point blade
B1041L-10: 10mm, round point blade
B1041L-15: 15mm, round point blade
B1041L-20: 20mm, round point blade
B1041L-25: 25mm, round point blade
B1041L-30: 30mm, round point blade
B1041L-50: 50mm, round point blade
B1041L-65: 65mm, round point blade
B1041L-70: 70mm, round point blade
B1041L-90: 90mm, round point blade
B1041L-100: 100mm, round point blade
B1041L-115: 115mm, round point blade
Additional Information
Additional Information
Flute type Straight
Material No
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