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Carbide Burr Tooling for Fibreglass

These solid carbide router bits are designed for processing fibreglass and other composite materials.

Use for:  Fibreglass, carbon fibre and other composite materials

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A range of high quality, general purpose solid carbide router bits suitable for a wide variety of cutting applications in fibreglass, carbon fibre and other composite materials.

Multiple diamond shaped cutting flutes leave a smooth finish and produce small chips for easy extraction. Sometimes referred to as grinding burrs because of the high number of cutting edges, these tools are durable and work well on abrasive materials that may be difficult to machine using conventional single or twin fluted tooling.

Cutting flutes on the tip allow these tools to be used for plunging as well as profiling.


Manufactured by ITC Corporation using state of the art grinding machines from leading manufacturers, these tools conform to the highest standards for precision, performance and durability.

Recommended for

  • All types fibreglass and other advanced composite materials

AXYZ recommends wherever possible the use of tools specifically designed for each material and application.

Feeds and Speeds

Typical settings for the 8mm (1231F-8) tool profile cutting thin fibreglass sheet are:

Feed rate: Approx 3m/min

Spindle rpm: 20,000 - 22,000rpm

Max cut depth: 2 - 4mm

NOTE: These values should be used for guidance only. Under most conditions, they will be a reliable starting point. With experience, you may well find that they can be improved to better suit specific machining applications.

Maintenance Tips

Although these tools are very hard and wear resistant, they are susceptible to damage caused by careless handling. Always store tools in individual packaging to avoid damage caused by contact with other tooling. Even a very small chip in the cutting edge will cause unwanted marks on the workpiece and lead to faster tool wear.

Click here for detailed tips on tool and collet maintenance

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Flute type Grinding Burr
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