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Belin Single Flute Upward Spiral Cutters for Aluminium

The Belin Single Flute Upward Spiral cutters are designed specifically for use on aluminium and other non-ferrous metals. The cut length is shortened to provide maximum rigidity and avoid any damaging vibration while cutting. Belin cutters, our most popular choice for machining aluminium, are renowned for their quality and durability.

Use for: Aluminium, aluminium composite and other non-ferrous metals

Note: AXYZ International also sell CNC Routers

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Belin Single Flute Upward Spiral cutters are designed to deliver an excellent cut finish to most types of aluminium, aluminium composites and other non-ferrous metals, such as brass and copper. The upward spiral geometry ejects swarf toward the top of the cutter for easy removal of waste material with a suitable extraction system. During cutting, the spiral flute tends to lift the material, especially if it is thin sheet, so a good workholding system is important to eliminate any movement or vibration which would cause inaccuracy and poor cut quality.

For cutting thin sheet aluminium please see our downward flute range.

Depending on the grade of aluminium, optimal results may be achieved by using some lubricant while cutting. This is especially important when working with softer grades where the lubricant will reduce the tendency of chips to melt and adhere to the cutter, resulting in premature tool failure. The AXYZ Unist Mister system is an ideal accessory for automatic application of lubricant when cutting.


Belin is recognized worldwide for the quality of its cutting tools. By starting with the best-quality solid carbide and using flexible and modern machining centers, Belin manufactures accurate router bits of consistent high quality, producing outstanding cutting results and providing excellent durability.  

Recommended for

  • All types aluminium, aluminium composite and non-ferrous metals such as brass or copper

AXYZ recommends wherever possible the use of tools specifically designed for each material and application.

Feeds and Speeds

Typical settings for the 4mm (1114A-4) tool profile cutting aluminium sheet are:

Feed rate: Approx 1 m/min

Spindle rpm: 21,000

Max cut depth: 2mm

Using a small amount of lubricant while cutting aluminium will often improve cut quality and extend tool life.

NOTE: These values should be used for guidance only. Under most conditions, they will be a reliable starting point. With experience, you may well find that they can be improved to better suit specific machining applications.

Maintenance Tips

Although these tools are very hard and wear resistant, they are susceptible to damage caused by careless handling. Always store tools in individual packaging to avoid damage caused by contact with other tooling. Even a very small chip in the cutting edge will cause unwanted marks on the workpiece and lead to faster tool wear.

Click here for detailed tips on tool and collet maintenance

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Flute type Upward Spiral
Material Aluminium, Non Ferrous Metals, ACM
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