Straight Twin Fluted Tools for Planing

These twin straight fluted cutters are recommended for use on hardwoods, softwoods and MDF. The straight flutes cut a clean edge and do not leave any rough burrs on the top surface. They are also suitable for cutting foams which can be processed quickly and cleanly. All of these tools can be used for plunging.

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Planing and surfacing bits

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107RL8-51: 2" cut diameter (D), 1/2" shank (D1), 2 7/8" overall length (L)
107RL8-38: 1 1/2" cut diameter (D), 1/2" shank (D1), 2 7/8" overall length (L)

Straight Router Bits are intended mainly for two routing applications:

  • Side Routing: Penetration into the side of the wood for Beading, Grooving or Slotting and Dado Operations
  • Plunge (Bottom) Routing: Penetration into wood surface for Drilling, Grooving or Mortising

The desired grooves can be relatively deep and chip clearance at the bottom has great importance, especially at high feed rates.

Additional Info
Additional Info
Flute type Straight
Material Plastics, Woods, Foam
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